The world of carnations

Behind each carnation we find a number of fascinating expressions and creations in the world of art, in fashion, centerpieces, decoration, special celebrations and music, among other experiences that awaken senses and emotions.

Do it yourself

Learn to create your own floral compositions with our carnations along with our expert florists who will accompany you step.

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Carnations and our home

Carnations have become an important part of the spaces we inhabit They can transform a table, a lounge, a living room, other space of the house into a warm inspiring corner that invites you to share spaces with your family and friends, or simply a personal recreational space.

Carnations and fashion

Thanks to a variety of colors and durability, carnations have become one of the most favored flowers and a source of inspiration for designers and, editorial and creative media in the industry.

Carnations and art

Floral compositions filled with vibrant tones that have given life to unique master pieces and become protagonists of galleries, museums, streets and artistic spaces..