Socio-environmental responsibility

Prioritizing the development of our collaborators
and proper caring of our environment.

FlorVerde Certification

Since 2016 we have been granted with “Florverde Sustainable Flowers” by ASOCOLFLORES (Colombian Association for Flower Exporters) which watches over the proper agricultural practices, minimum use of agrochemicals, protection of fundamental rights for workers, product quality and managerial responsibility.


We are a company believing in the
strengthening of production processes.

  • We carry out continuous reviews of the conditions for each stage of the process.
  • We guarantee the adequate and efficient use of each of the resources, either renewable or non-renewable.
  • We permanently work in finding new sources of energies and reduce consumption, contributing with the environment, through the following:
    • The adaption of rainwater collection channels.
    • Canalization of the collection of channels for leachates which are product of the drip and manual irrigation, having a treatment plant that allows the recirculation of the hybrid resource and the quality conditions of the same one.
    • The installation of innovative and efficient drip and tape systems which allows the maximum advantage use of water and enough food for each plant.
    • The adaption of the disinfection boiler for scales used in the sowing of new plants, with more economical and environmentally friendly renewable fuels.
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Faces and hands
telling stories

We are compromised with
our community.

Our compromise is to support the mothers heads of households who make up the majority of our workforce and to whom we provide training, benefits and development. We take care of our collaborators offering them favorable living conditions, excellent work environment and a recognition plan for their performance and evidence of corporate values. We support programs and activities aligned with the necessities of the communities in the sector where they live.

Some of the actions aimed for our community:

Living place

Service fairs with projects offered in the region and counselling from saving and housing corporations.


Delivery of school kits to all our collborators´ children.


Economic support to the schools in the sector.


We look for recreational spaces and active breaks during the working day.